Vaccination Detox

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Vaccination Detox homeopathic remedy is designed to provide relief of minor symptoms stemming from the minor side-effects of vaccinations, including:

restlessness, sleeplessness
fever, chills, headache
upset stomach, nausea, vomiting
inflammation, infection, aches, pain

Vaccination Detox also helps to promote detoxification and liver function, and is safe for use with children.


Chamomilla (Chamomile) 3x
Atropa belladona (Belladonna) 6x
Gelsemium sempervirens (Yellow Jessamine) 6x
Thuja occidentale (Tree of Life) 6x
Chelidonium majus (Celandine) 6x
Silicea (Silica) 12x
Purified water
Citric acid
Potassium benzoate
0.2% USP alcohol

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