Black Walnut

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The black walnut tree actually produces fruit, not nuts, as some first surmise from the name. The outer rind of these fruit contain black-colored tannins are astringent, helping tone and heal inflamed or damaged tissues when applied topically—when taken internally, they are useful for treating anemia and chronic diarrhea. Black walnut’s astringent properties are also beneficial for treating hemorrhoids.The active constituents in black walnut, various tannins and a quinone compound called juglone, are primarily responsible for the herb’s anti-parasitic and worm-killing (anthelmintic) effects. Black walnut has been used to expel a variety of intestinal parasites, worms and yeast. External applications of black walnut have been shown to kill ringworm, while Chinese herbalists use this herb to kill tapeworm with reported success.Black walnut is a good source of iodine, and as such, is popular as a thyroid stimulant to help underactive thyroid conditions. Black walnut contains linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid necessary for healthy cell function, the production of prostaglandins, and useful for menstrual dysfunction and skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Black walnut provides a rich source of the trace mineral selenium, as well as iron and potassium.

A team of scientists from the University of Missouri conducted studies in the late 1960’s which showed that ellagic acid, found in black walnut, reduced blood pressure while simultaneously inhibiting other substances from reducing blood pressure when used in large doses. Furthermore, this same research team found several constituents in black walnut possessed anti-cancer properties, as reported in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Initial experiments conducted with mice showed an alkaloid fraction of black walnut may inhibit the formation of tumors, especially in mammary glands. Unfortunately, the studies were discontinued before further confirmations could be obtained.

Powdered black walnut has been used as a tooth powder to clean teeth and tighten gums. Black walnut is believed to even help rebuild tooth enamel and whiten teeth if left on teeth overnight.

Black Walnut Extract is formulated in a distilled water and grain alcohol base.

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