Home Treatment after Flooding

 – After a home or structure has been contaminated from floodwaters, there are critical steps that should be taken to prevent future problems in your home or structure:

– All interior materials contaminated by flood waters should be torn out, removed and discarded!20160820_155008-510x382

Sheet Rock: (How much is removed will depend on the depth of the water) Cut at least 6-12 inches above the water line. If possible measure moisture levels to help direct how high, you should cut & remove damaged material. • Insulation: Remove all insulation that is wet or had water contact. • Any furniture that was impacted by flood water; especially if the water was high enough to saturate padding in couches, mattresses, etc. Those materials cannot be properly decontaminated and/or restored. For your protection, ‘be safe’ and throw them away! • Necessary flooring: wood, wood laminate, tile, etc. that is buckling or cannot be restored to its original quality. • Thoroughly clean up all mud, slime, insulation and sheet rock; vacuum all residual particles from building before treatment with SNiPER®. • Thoroughly dry after content removal. Use of dehumidifiers, blowers, fans, etc. Testing levels of moisture content is recommended. • After the cleaning and drying the home, building or structure to a clean condition, it is ready to put in new insulation, sheet rock, etc… • NOW is the time to spray SNiPER®! • Thoroughly spray all open areas, studs, etc. for decontamination (a electric low volume atomizing sprayer is recommended, but a garden pump sprayer can also be used. • After spraying SNiPER®, allow all treated surfaces to dry. • Proceed with replacing your insulation, sheet rock etc… NOTE:  Upon removing the contaminated surfaces from walls, floors, etc. and you discover the studs / inner wall structure has significant mold growth, there are specific recommended steps to be taken to kill and remove the mold/fungus.  Please contact a professional assessment company to inspect your facility and having it tested for the presence of toxic mold and levels that may present a health threat.  Consider getting professional guidance or hire a mold remediation professional to perform the remediation.

If you have any questions about SNiPER® or questions about our recommendations, please feel free to contact us or check us out at: www.globalenvironmentalrestoration.com


SNiPER can be purchased locally from: The  Road Less Traveled 312 Guilbeau Rd. Lafayette, LA 70506 337.988.9889