Herbal Beverage

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Herbal Beverage is a caffeine-free, herbal “instant coffee” substitute. Herbal Beverage contains roasted barley, chicory, malt and rye, along with added “herbal flavorings,” providing a rich coffee- like taste.

Barley grain has a sweet and salty flavor. Once roasted, it has an alkalizing effect upon the body. Roasted barley acts as a digestive aid and is beneficial for relieving summer heat and fatigue. Barley grain has also been found to help reduce blood serum cholesterol levels. According to Dr. Asaf Qureshi, a scientist with the USDA’s Cereal Crops Research Unit, it is believed that barley reduces the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol in the body. However, roasted whole barley or pearl barley can worsen constipation.

Roasted chicory root, with its strong, bitter flavor, is often used as a coffee substitute and is beneficial for problems such as Candida yeast overgrowth, carbuncles, edema, and obesity, as it elicits a cleansing action upon the body.

Malt is extracted from barley and used as a flavoring agent and nutrient.

Rye has a bitter, slightly sour flavor which is especially beneficial for gallbladder, liver, pancreas and spleen conditions. Rye broth has been used to treat migraine headaches.

This information is provided by YourRoadLessTraveled.com