Golden Seal/Parthenium Extract

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Golden Seal/Parthenium Extract combines two “natural antibiotics” for strengthening the immune system and fighting both bacterial and viral infections.

Golden Seal/Parthenium Extract is formulated in a distilled water and grain alcohol base. Golden seal/Parthenium is particularly beneficial for children and for the elderly, but may need to be mixed with juice to dilute the bitter taste.

Studies show Golden seal acts as an astringent, producing a vasoconstricting—tightening of the blood vessels—effect. Golden seal’s astringent ability enables it to help tone mucus membranes, which in turn, aids stomach and intestinal disorders, prostate and vaginal complaints, and stops internal bleeding and prevents hemorrhaging. Golden seal acts as a mild decongestant and laxative, relieves excess mucus, and reduces fever and inflammation associated with glandular swelling and sinusitis. Golden seal also increases the secretion of digestive enzymes and fluids, especially bile, which helps regulate liver and spleen functions. Furthermore, berberine, an isoquinoline alkaloid found in golden seal, has been studied at length in both clinical and experimental environments for its antibacterial and amebicidal properties. Golden seal is high in vitamin C and trace minerals including cobalt, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc. Golden seal also contains vitamins A, E, and the B-complex, as well as calcium and potassium.

Parthenium, a close relative of echinacea, mimicks the medicinal qualities of echinacea in many ways, so much so that during the late 1800’s, parthenium was often sold as echinacea without the buyers\’ knowledge. Like echinacea, parthenium is an immune system stimulant which assembles and activates T-lymphocytes (killer cells) and other immune system cells. Parthenium contains mucilaginous substances which soothe inflamed tissues. Parthenium has been used by herbalists to treat blood poisoning, debility, fatigue, gastrointestinal infections, inflammatory skin conditions, respiratory infections, tonsillitis, swollen glands, venereal disease, and wounds.

Those with hypoglycemia should exercise caution as golden seal may lower blood sugar levels. Pregnant women should avoid using golden seal as it can act as a uterine stimulant.

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